125 x 80mm spring cage kit and double controller

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• Universal spring cage kit for presses up to 30ton.

• We use 6061 aluminum, one of the strongest alloys and with excellent heat conduction. 

• Ability to press 20g of material previously molded in a pre-press in one go.

• LCD display controller with a range of 0 ~ 250 degrees. Alarms and automatic control of the desired temperature, just by setting it on the controller will remain constant throughout its time of use.

• Maximum precision thanks to our integrated probes throughout the entire plate, offering you greater accuracy without worrying about erroneous measurements or other external measurement methods.

• Our irons reach 100 degrees in less than 5 minutes. Independent control of the resistors with a switch, to put them to work whenever you want or to turn them off during a time of rest.

• The kit includes:

- Recessed with springs with 125 x 80mm plates.

- Aluminum controller box with 230v connection assembled in Spain.

- Resistances with 800W total and temperature probe 






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