Terps Plates

Press 20T 170 x 100mm and double controller

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- Specs:


· We offer a robust and compact design, 25cm high, 26cm long and 14cm wide.

· Plates in aluminum 6061, anodized, 170x100mm and ultra resistant steel structure with coated surface.

29 kg of weight.

· Perfect alignment on the entire press, forget about lopsided and loose plates.

· Uniform temperature distribution throughout the plate.

· Designed, manufactured and assembled in Spain. In-house CNC manufacturing.


- It includes:


· All in one press with plates in 170x100mm

· Complete equipment BVA 20TON, P1000 double speed pump and manometer.

· Dual controller with range from 0 to 250 degrees.

· 800W of power (90 degrees in 5 minutes).

· High quality resistors, probes and wiring.

· Top grip for easy transport.

· Lower legs

· Adonized in different colors 

· Screws

· 1 year warranty on electronic products.

· 3 year warranty on the press.