1. What is an extraction and solventless extracts.

1. Qué es una extracción y los extractos sin solventes

What is an extraction?

Any process that the plant undergoes from its natural state of flower can be considered an extraction, regardless of the method we use, the final purpose of an extraction is to separate the trichomes from the plant matter.

trichomes are structures microscopic that cover the flower, are responsible for creating the different profiles of the plant and contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of the variety. In other words, they are the small semi-transparent, shiny and sticky heads that we normally see with the naked eye and, most importantly, the cause of the different flavors, aromas and specific THC content of our flower.< /span>

It is important to note that all extraction methods that we mentioned can be used to obtain both THC and CBD extractions, reaching high concentrations of these compounds in the final product of both cases.

There are several methods to separate the trichomes from the plant matter but we will mainly differentiate between mechanical extractions (solventless) and chemical extractions (solvent).

How are mechanical extractions different from chemical ones?

The main difference between mechanical extractions and chemical extractions are the different processes, methods and products used to separate the raw material from the trichomes:

- Solvent extractions: also known as chemicals due to the products they use during their extraction (butane gas or alcohols), the most popular are BHO, budder, shatter or amber. These types of chemical extractions entail a more dangerous production and purging process compared to mechanical ones.

BHO Diamonds

- Solventless extractions: also called mechanical due to the processes used in the different extraction methods, among the best known are the drysift, iceolator or bubble hash and rosin. Each method involves a different process but all of them are easy and safe compared to chemical extractions.

The final results of the solventless extracts contain large amounts of THC and provide extremely powerful aromas and flavors reminiscent of the terpenes and flavonoids of the flower chosen for the extraction.

What kind of solventless extractions are there?

-Lately solventless extractions are the most sought after in the cannabis sector, but really what does an extraction need to be solventless?Broadly speaking, we can differentiate between dry extractions, wet extractions and rosin:

- Dry extractions: within this category we would place the drysift, this extraction is usually carried out once the flower has already been dried and cured and for this a dry washer or different mesh/sieve can be used; Both methods will separate the heads of the trichomes from the plant matter, the degree of cleanliness of the final result will depend on the mesh used for filtration.

Drysift dry extraction

- Wet extractions: we mainly find the iceolator, water or bubble hash which is a wet extraction because an ice washer is used, either mechanical or manual and different meshes, just like that in the drysift, this method will also separate the heads of the trichomes but the difference is that we can use partially dried cut flowers or directly frozen cut flowers (fresh frozen) .

Iceolator/waterhash extraction

These extractions must lose moisture once they are processed, Previously, this drying was done in the air or in no-frost refrigerators, which entailed a risk of contamination for the extract. We currently have lyophilizers or freeze dryers, which will help us. cleanly, easily and safely to freeze and dehydrate our extractions, preserving all their organoleptic qualities.

- Rosin: it is a cannabis extraction that is obtained by combining pressure and temperature for different periods of time, we can also use flor, ice or dry to achieve final results of different qualities.

What is TerpsPlates and what does it have to do with solventless extractions?

There have been many attempts to get the best quality rosin over the years, but the elements used for it were not the most suitable, they did not offer the necessary temperature or force in an equitable manner and did not allow to work optimally and with adequate precision, which was directly reflected in the final product.< /span>

TerpsPlates is the first company that emerged in Spain and Europe of equipment for solvent-free extractions, we decided to design, manufacture and assemble different products with the best features so that they would be adapted very specifically to the needs presented by the sector and consumers.

By pioneering a relatively new market, it has It has been a long road to get where we are today, TerpsPlates is not only a company, it is a movement and as such, it is constantly changing, our products evolve with the needs of the sector and this is how we have managed to get the best extractors both nationally and internationally, to trust us to achieve the top extractions of the current market.

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